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International Hotel Management (BA)

Course overview:

Whichever programme you decide is right for you each year is divided into three academic terms. In the BA programme you spend the majority of your time studying academic modules but there two are periods of approximately three months duration which you spend on placement in a Hotel. On placement in a hotel, students spend their time working in a range of departmental areas. The first placement has a more operational emphasis whilst the final placement combines operational duties at a more advanced level together with involvement in hotel administration and management. Students will develop enhanced guest service skills and a critical understanding of the operational requirements associated with different departments in the hotel.

Academic study compliments the practical activities based at a hotel and links the academic and practical understanding of Hotel Management that students will require for their future careers in the industry. Our graduates are expected to achieve a critical understanding of essential management theory and practice, provided within a global context within which hotel organisations operate, and engage with principles of sustainable business practice. Academic study therefore provides a theoretical foundation of subject knowledge that can then be applied within a practical context during the placements at a Hotel.

All International Hotel Management programmes have three entry points in the year. These are usually in September, January and April.


Why should you choose International Hotel Management at UWTSD?

There is an increased demand for graduates with practical experience, greater work-based competency, and effective management skills. This collaborative programme is designed to produce graduates who not only have a firm understanding of the academic theory underpinning the industry but have been given the opportunity to apply this theory to their practice during placements at a Hotel. Many of our students undertake their placements at one of the hotels run by Marriott International which is widely recognised as one of the leading hotel brands in the world within excess of 7000 hotels in 130+ countries worldwide and is comprised of 30 different hotel brands. Marriott International places a premium on high-quality training and staff welfare and provides an excellent learning environment  for our students. Departmental structures within the hotel enable students to gain experience in a range of different areas, including food and beverage operations, hotel administration, and guest service operations. 

Year One - Level 4 (Cert HE, Dip HE & BA):

Year Two - Level 5 (Dip HE & BA):

Year Three - Level 6 (BA):

All modules are compulsory.


SAMPLE Questions:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. What is the name of your chosen university? and why?
  3. What is the name of the programme that you applied to?
  4. Why are you interested to join the Programme? (Please read the course overview and modules)
  5. What qualification will you achieve after completion of the course?
  6. What is your future plan after obtaining the qualification?

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